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Frequently asked questions

How to check what I have ordered?

Once we’ve received your order we will send you a confirmation email with your star map preview. (If you haven’t receive it please check your spam folder). If you discover a spelling mistake or you want to edit your star map title/subtitle please contact us immediately at hello@yourstarmap.com. Any editing needs to be done within.

How is the star map created?

We use NASA Astronomical Data Center star catalogue that contains informations about planets, nearly 100 million stars, 10000 deep-sky objects, comets and asteroids. This data comes from past and present NASA planetary missions, astronomical observations, and laboratory measurements. Together with precise algorithms, latitude, longitude and the time provided by you we accurately recreate the sky view.

What date range do you support?

Time highly affects what constellations are visible and we want your map to be as precise as it can be. However if you don’t know/remember the time just pick any hour that you’d like.

Do you offer express shipping?

Currently express shipping is available only for the printed version, framed star maps are currently only being shipped on standard shipping and will arrive to you within 3-6 business days.


You can make it even more special by adding quotes and selecting one of the color styles. It comes as a printed poster or as ready to print digital file.

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